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Are you looking for a way to avoid annoying pop-ups that continually appear while you're visiting your favorite websites?

Thanks to Ad Annihilator you can defend against different forms of unwanted online advertising. This program runs in your browser and is configured to block pop-up windows and advertising banners, making your browsing much safer and more comfortable.

It will also protect you from cookies that pose a risk to your privacy, denying them access to your computer. However, it will still permit the ones that are harmless.

If it's something you're looking for, Ad Annihilator can carry out the most advanced, extremely useful functions. You can use it to browse offline via the websites stored in your cache, or even use it to search for documents online, which, in addition to helping you protect your computer as you browse more efficiently, will also make some of your everyday tasks easier.

The share version expires 15 days after its installation.

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